TOOLS for MEDIAS and graphics

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TOOLS for MEDIAS and graphics


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Mike Shubin

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Mike Shubin

Trying to get a start to my fundraiser....$5.00 per person is what I am friend requesting.....if you got it....yeah....I!!! need get on the site to be seen by donaters from stays on my site profile not being seen making me POST it on FB every hour until people donate a first time to enter it onto the main PAGE !

Category: Arts & Entertainment

Start Date: January 21, 2020

Hi, I need tools for video graphical work I do on social sites like Facebook,Twitter,tumblr, and co and a few more ....tgey're all good trust me ! I help people with learning graphical video's and picture MEDIAS and game videos that are excitedly and hip. I also help people with they're comprised and qualities of ways of the spectacles of bundled MEDIAS they want to comprise rightly and create encores that guarantee the audience traffic clicks and also important is the shares that are very much more increasing of audience gain than all other ways when they're media packages are EXCITE spectaculars that are giving,fun, and wanted to be watched. Thank you for helping me with my work as an artist of MEDIAS and graphics and social integrative work....and also, I promote people,concept,and excitement in MEDIAS and graphics and arts. not ethics because they begin a narrow scope of opinion and not a broadened of people and they're growth and person to person flows that all social sites are they're call for people, not strife ethics and opinions cause. Thank you, Mike Shubin Thank you very much for your help to receive an amount of work tools for graphical sites work needed for my work ! Tools for work funding. Thank you ! Your donations provide me with a better laptop and software's to compliment the graphical interfaces I need to do media work. Thank you, Mike Shubin

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