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Marie-Ange and family

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: February 10, 2019

Wonderwe Marie-Ange Photo #1.jpgMarie-Ange was born to Carole and Marc Jobin on Sept 12, 2018 at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. What should have been a natural birth turned catastrophic when Carole suffered a uterine rupture during labour and then there was a delay in her anaesthesia prepping for an emergency c-section. As a result, Marie-Ange was deprived of oxygen for half an hour and, once born, was airlifted immediately to Sick Kids in critical condition.  Carole suffered shock from blood loss and remained in intensive care after her surgery in Peterborough. Marc’s time was split between their baby in the Sick Kids NICU and his wife in the PRHC intensive care. After a few days Carole felt strong enough to go to Toronto and she has not left Marie-Ange since. Marc has spent these months supporting his wife and baby in Toronto and looking after the rest of their eight children in rural Ontario, a significant drive from Toronto.

Marie-Ange has defied the odds and is now five months old.  She brings joy in her quiet way to her parents and to those people who have had the blessing of visiting her and helping to care for her in the Sick Kids NICU around the clock. Marie-Ange has suffered lasting brain damage from that half hour of oxygen deprivation. It has affected the central part of her brain that controls her motor skills, which has caused cerebral palsy and, most critically, has made her unable to suck, swallow, or cough, which interferes with her breathing. She has, however, developed a gag reflex which is a big improvement for her. She also shows her parents and friends that she is aware by reacting to pain, gentle touch and sound by moving her head, upper body and legs. She now breathes through a tracheostomy, is fed through a g-tube, needs daily physiotherapy to keep her little body limber and regular suctioning around the clock to keep her airways clear. The Jobins have spent these four months learning about her needs, advocating for her long-term care, doing shifts of her 24-hour medical needs and making arrangements to be able to take her home. Marc has also been very busy with also caring for their children at home and has returned to work part-time. Their faith, trust and diligence through it all has been truly inspiring.

They have appreciated so much all of the assistance over these past months from their local community, from friends in Toronto, and from other people around Ontario: prayers, meals, volunteer help both in Toronto and in their community, and donations.  Between the original fundraising page and private donations, they were assisted with over $10,000 which helped immensely during this extremely expensive time of crisis.

Hopefully soon, Marie-Ange will be being discharged from the hospital and Marc and Carole will be able take her home, allowing their family to finally be together again after having spent so many months apart. In order to do this, they have some large obstacles to overcome in a short time, some of which we can help with. These parents are deeply committed to the Culture of Life and to God’s will for their family.  They are making lifelong sacrifices to care for their youngest child as they have all their others, regardless of the world’s opinion about her supposed quality of life. They are committed to loving her and meeting her needs, no matter what it takes. In order to do so, they will need a very wide, very long-lasting net of support. This is our chance to truly be the living Body of Christ for this family, by praying for them consistently and by providing very tangible short- and long-term help, if at all possible.

Please consider the following practical ways of assisting:

  1. Financial donations. Their immediate need is approximately $10,000 to purchase basic medical equipment and supplies, to fund nursing staff when they get her home, and to help with the costs of their remaining time in Toronto.  Please watch for a post soon if you are interested in seeing the breakdown of these expenses. A few of these costs might be reimbursed eventually through government programs, at which time the Jobins will put the reimbursements towards Marie-Ange’s long-term needs.  Besides these immediate costs, they are going to need much more assistance in the future with larger equipment as she grows, ongoing nursing costs, and they will need to make some major changes to their home to accommodate her and her nurses and volunteer caregivers. Please give as generously as you are able to for their immediate needs and please watch for future posts regarding a more long-term fundraiser.

  1. Frozen Meals for the family.  We will continue to collect these in Peterborough (call Elizabeth at 705-755-0632) and in their community (call Dianne at 613-756-1775).

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