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To provide for families displaced from their home and business.

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Hello, dear friend, Sometimes a fundraiser needs to be anonymous to protect a family or because the circumstances are intensely private and you cannot go to your community- that is what 1111 was created for.


The information on their story below will break your heart and blow you away!

Please, we beg you to read everything that has happened to this poor family and afterward, we are asking as family under Heaven, please watch these precious angels, heroes to hundreds of blind riders, at their home in the country using the video links at the end so you can fall in love with them, too. The short videos are among a few remnants of family history caught on video tape that they were able to save, they were robbed and many of their possessions were lost. They have been handled with kid-gloves to be very religious, up to now their parents had given MOST of their EARNINGS every year TO CHARITIES that save destitute mothers from having to choose abortion and we are praying you will be able to keep their faith alive under these incredibly serious circumstances now that faithful believers in God are being asked to give back to veritable Super-soldiers for Heaven, heroes who are now in desperate need!

11. They were raised without televisions, home-schooled on God's word only, all of their lives- raised to be missionary machines- in spirit, sweetness and patience the very image of the family from the Little House On the Prairie. Now, a few years after these films were made, they are so committed to God they glorify Him in joy of the Spirit despite tragedy. There is a very poor but deeply religious family that adopted over a dozen orphans they are dear friends with, they would like to surprise them by also giving them a place to live, if we raise enough we can buy enough land to keep them safe and house them all along with the current 1111 family. They will create a business that will sustain them with an endowment campaign to follow and there can be no doubt their goal will be to give to charities once their business begins to thrive. 

10. After the death of the grandfather, though it broke everyone's hearts the old family farm where they lived and worked had to be sold immediately and they received less than half it's value, the money will be distributed between everyone. The amount is not nearly enough to save them from being homeless in some cases.

9. The mother affected has worked her poor feet until they became crippled, as seen in the photograph,


and she Still heroically tries to dance as a ballet teacher and choreographer all day, every day, beloved in her community. She refuses to even let them know how much pain she is in, none of them have ever seen this picture, this page is anonymous to preserve her dignity. Are there mothers of ballerinas out there reading at this moment? God loves you for doing so and will bless your tiny dancers for helping this desperate situation we know God Himself cries over.

8. This family comes from a home built by three generations working together, an honest, Christian horse farm that actively seeks to witness for Christ in it's business. A huge campaign for blind riders was conceived and carried out in a deeply religious way which glorified God and witnessed for Christ every moment of the experience. They have proven to be veritable superheroes when it comes to making businesses successful in a Christ-centered way, this is incredibly fertile soil for your seeds to be sewn in, right here in the United States of America. You will undoubtedly be abundantly blessed by Heaven for giving abundantly because these are young, tender Christian missionary lives at stake. You will be blessed here and hereafter, those involved will all pray for that daily! God is deeply involved in their story, they are convinced of it because of the miracles that have already happened which have brought them to this crossroads, which they in faith see as a new window for Him to show His love!

7. In one film you will see little Asa's first drive of the boxcar he and his "Pa" made for one of his birthday gifts. He decided to wear the shirt of his hero on his birthday, his father wears a Got Jesus? shirt at all times and has ever since his grandmother died in the home he built her on their land, a home he afterward raised his children in.

6. The proceeds of the future business will in part go to charity. Their old school gave *most* of it's income to charities saving destitute women from having to have abortions who truly wanted to keep their babies but couldn't afford to, in their best year donating tens of thousands, the vast majority of their income that instead could have been saved, all in faith God would continue to provide and bless them. They are not participating in the fundraiser directly, instead they are praying and hoping God will miraculously provide and we want to reward their incredibly heroic sacrifices in life that definitely deserve to be rewarded with anything other than eviction. We cannot let the enemy overcome such faith. If you are so placed that you feel you are unable to be a witness as these people are on a large scale, please let your generosity be your part in sustaining God's body, for part of His body you must be if you are still reading!

5. As devoted Christians you know what it is to try to live your faith and ideals out before your children who you raise to be angels for the sake of witnessing for the Gospel. The adults have given their all to be examples for these young children and they deserve help in ways only God could completely express, for they seek always to be in harmony with the child-like love of the Spirit of God even and especially when it is only God witnessing their actions. Please nurture that within yourself now, as you always try to, dear friend in faith, this cause and these angels need nurturing so profoundly!

4. This family (and their tragic situation) are so worthy of this amount of money that 1111 is in collaboration with a revered rabbi of the City of Angels as well as a pastor from one of the most respected churches in LA, both of whom want to help these poor people with all of their hearts and through your compassionate, Christ-like heart we can reach our goal of one million dollars with which they can buy another horseback farm big enough to house the huge family that is only growing and begin another center big enough to continue their tragically interrupted blind riding camp. They raised their many, many kids to be heroes for God so you are in the right place if that matters to you and you also believe there should be more families in America willing to sacrifice as this one has- for so many years- for the poor, cast-off mothers of our society and for the blind. These people have worked their hands and feet to the bone (literally) to give women who had nothing renewed hope and also to teach their kids by heroic, self-sacrificing example. God will bless you so richly for helping such worthy angels- angels will guide all of your affairs henceforth because of your Godly, generous heart, there is no doubt. Everything you do will be blessed, we have faith it is so and will all be praying for it daily!

3. Please, we hope that when you see 1111 on your clocks you will pray for this beautiful family and everyone helping them so that you will benefit from the prayers of the prayer circle, too, as prayer helpers being prayed for en masse by other prayer helpers! And if you can give, please do so as much as you are possibly able to, with joy and passion as this family is tackling this tragedy for God's sake, yet they are suffering terribly nonetheless. Their prayerful wish is to keep all of their children safe and convert this into a way to spread God's glory by turning a negative into a positive through loving Christians!

2. Password: PraiseGod

(password is case sensitive)



   "Just as God worked through methodical, intentional plans throughout the Bible, leaders should approach crowdfunding with a thoughtful plan. In fact, Jesus' sending of the 72 in Luke 10 resembles a good crowdfunding plan: gather a group of committed people, cast a clear vision, build relationships, and, of course, celebrate and regroup afterwards." 


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