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Christian Families

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The 1111 Foundation

We are trying to save a large Christian family from the nightmare they are living through.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: July 25, 2017

Salutations, dear friend:

The location of two kidnapped children was discovered overseas by someone in a family that advertised their address online for business. Because of the resulting fundraiser to bring them home they had to stop advertising online due to death threats from religious extremists and have lost the family farm. The two were taken by a man known to have helped orchestrate the September 11th attacks and we can now bring them back to their mother from Kenya in secret if we can raise enough. A small donation has sustained the displaced family of the man who found them ever since a hurricane destroyed the tiny hut they had moved to in October yet they are still practically homeless and need help from a hero like you!! The donated amount will be used to bring the two children who were recently found home to safety with their mother and it will be used to relocate and protect the family of the man who located them online.

We beg you to read everything that has happened to this poor family and afterward please watch these precious angels- heroes to hundreds of handicapped riders- at their home in the country using the video links at the end so you can fall in love with them, too.

The short videos are among a few remnants of family history caught on video tape that they were able to save, they were robbed and many of their possessions were lost. The children have been handled with kid-gloves to be very spiritual, up to now their parents had given *most* of their earnings every year to charities that save destitute mothers from having to choose abortion and we are praying you will be able to keep their hope alive under these incredibly serious circumstances.

Because they advertised their address online for work they moved to keep everyone completely safe. The old family farm where they lived and worked had to be sold overnight and they received less than half it's value, the money was distributed between everyone but the amount was not nearly enough to save the families from being homeless in some cases. A hurricane destroyed the hut the pictured family was living in after losing the family farm and we are begging for your help so we have all we need to house this family and the family of the kidnapped victims somewhere permanently safe through your own heroism and compassion. 

Since the tragedies began the mother of the family has worked her poor feet so hard they became crippled, as seen in the photograph,


and she Still heroically tries to dance as a ballet teacher and choreographer all day, every day, beloved in her community. She refuses to even let them know how much pain she is in, none of them have ever seen this picture, this page is anonymous to protect everyone and to preserve her dignity. One of her little girls had to give up a career as a dancer and is studying to be a nurse instead because she lives with an enormous arachnoid cyst wrapped around her brain that requires constant check ups to make sure she doesn't need another surgery, her shunt was put in when she was six years old to drain the cyst's fluid down a tube to her stomach to keep her brain from hemorrhaging from the cyst's growth. A brother of the found children is on a list to receive new kidneys after his own failed from a poison he accidentally ingested. 

The pictured family comes from a horseback riding farm built in 1962 by three generations working together. A huge program for handicapped riders, (especially the deaf and blind,) was created by the father and elder son. They have proven to be veritable superheroes when it comes to making businesses successful while still adhering to old-fashioned ideals, this is incredibly fertile soil for your seeds to be sewn in!

The proceeds of the future business will in part go to charity. Their old school gave most of it's income to charities saving destitute women from having to get abortions who truly wanted to keep their babies but couldn't afford to- in their best year donating tens of thousands, the vast majority of their income that instead could have been saved, all in faith God would continue to provide and bless them. Their incredibly heroic sacrifices in life definitely deserve to be rewarded with anything other than the destruction of their home by a hurricane and the total loss of their community-enriching business. 

All loving parents know what it is to live your faith and ideals out before your children. The adults have given their all to be examples for these young children and they deserve help in ways only God could completely express, for they seek always to be in harmony with the child-like love of heaven even and especially when it is only God witnessing their actions. This cause and these angels need nurturing so profoundly it cannot be expressed!

If they can reach the goal of one million the children can be brought in safety to a place of safety and the family made homeless due to the circumstances can buy an anonymous horseback farm under the name of a family friend that is also big enough to house everyone involved and begin another handicapped riding camp. They raised their many kids to be heroes so you are in the right place if that matters to you and you also believe there should be more families in America willing to sacrifice as this one has- for so many years- for the poor, cast-off mothers of our society and for the handicapped. These people have worked their hands and feet to the bone (literally) to give women who had nothing renewed hope and also to teach their kids by heroic, self-sacrificing example. 


In one film below you will see young Asa's first drive of the boxcar he and his "Pa" made for one of his birthday gifts. He decided to wear a shirt belonging to his hero on his birthday, his father wears a shirt with spiritual sentiments at all times and has ever since his grandmother died in the home he built her on their land, a home he afterward raised his children in. These poor and incredibly sincere angels are homeless, we are begging you for help, the money will be the best investment possible if one wishes to nurture pure love in a family that desires only to nurture pure love in their community, especially the cast off and the handicapped. 

Password: AMERICA



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