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12K Aysel from Azerbaijan


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Category: Faith & Family


Aysel from Azerbaijan was baptized as an adult 2 years ago. Aysel is one of a very small community there in Baku, rebuilding the Church after suppression by the Soviets.
 The Apostolic Administrator of Azerbaijan, a missionary priest from Slovakia, wrote to us and asked us to accept her at LCI. He wrote, "It would be very beneficial for her to grow in theological knowledge, deepen her knowledge of English, but especially to have practical experience of life in Gaming."
By giving her the opportunity to learn the faith and experience the Kartause community, LCI can really truly help the Church in Azerbaijan!
Will you join in helping to build a team of support for Aysel and for the growing church in Azerbaijan? We need a team to cover tuition, room and board, health insurance (required), books, visa documents, pilgrimages to Mariazell, Rome and Assisi, and student life activities – a total of $12,500.
Donate now so that LCI can look forward to a positive future!

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