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Local artist needs help


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Category: Community

Start Date: December 7, 2019

Hello Friend. My wife, Anneke, and I are trying to raise $2000 to help get us through the winter months. I am a disabled veteran (USArmy '89-'99) and receive VA benefits and SSDI. It's enough to pay for our rent, utilities, and phone bill. However we rely on part-time work to get food, clothing and transportation costs. And we don't qualify for food stamps or cash assistance from the state. We've been working at a Carwash for the past 10 mos. But the weather is turning colder and it's time to close until spring. Also, the holiday season is upon us - that means sharing with the family. I'm also a self-taught artist. Currently, I've been making unique, "artcycled" pendants from repurposed materials - things we find in our travels through the neighborhoods of Baltimore. This helps keep plastic and other debris off our streets and out of our ocean. Many of them are posted for sale on Instagram, Letgo, OfferUp, and other sites but they don't seem to be "trending". https://www.instagram.com/p/B6MHOJop84I/?igshid=gcqdpxbmglj3 You can help us out by donating a few dollars and/or purchasing a pendant or two. They generally sell for $10 a piece, but I'm happy to make a deal for buying more than one. You'll be helping us keep our heads above water as well as supporting a local artist - it's a win-win! Thanks for your time and consideration.

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