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Category: Freedoms

Start Date: March 12, 2018

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I was singing on the 175th (A Train) platform at 8 o'clock in the morning for the early commuters. My eyes were closed and I was singing Stay by Rihanna. As the train came into the station, I opened my eyes and there was a man standing no more than a foot away from me looking at me with tears in his eyes. I was startled, initially. He just looked at me with his red teary eyes and I looked back, unsure what to do or say. After moments of awkward silence, after looking at him and seeing the pain, I reached out and hugged him. I held him tight and he hugged me back. I'd never hugged a stranger so tightly before. He cried on my shoulder as if I was his own mother. Finally, as the train was leaving the station, he let me go and apologized. I said "No need to say sorry" as he continued to say "My best friend commited suicide last night and I...". Tears began to well up in his eyes again and his throat was caught up. That's when it hit me. And it hit me hard: I was singing Stay. "I want you to stay"...his best friend was gone. I began to tear up as well. I said, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." The man wiped his tears and said "Can you sing it one more time? Please?" I said, "Of course." The train had already left the station. Only me and him left on that platform . He sat down on the benches directly in front of me as I began to play the first few chords. 

He sat there. Just the two of us on the platform. I sung. He cried. 

That's when I saw the power of music, hands on, for the first time. Ever since that day, two years ago, I've been singing in the subway and have experienced so many wonderful things. There are so many people out there longing...in need of something or someone. I'm one of those people and I would like to share my music with the world. I want to record an album this year. 10-15 professionally recorded original songs but I need help. 

Here's an estimated breakdown per song:

$300 per recording session 
$250 audio mix/master
$200-$400 recording fee for other musician(s)
$200 music video

That's $950 per song. Yeah! :-o

I'm already moving forward to start booking recording sessions but whatever help you can offer would be greatly appreciated and would certainly help move things forward. I will be singing in the subway to raise money and I'll record each song as time and money permits. I would like to have 10-15 well done songs to share by the end of the year. I think that's a reasonable goal :-)

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