persecuted in America

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persecuted in America


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Bob Snodgrass

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: January 19, 2020

I have spent over $7,000 in legal fees so far defending myself against what I know can only be persecution. Clean & sober 19yrs, after seeing my friends dead body from shooting dope I met a young couple in early recovery from the same thing in my neighborhood and devoted myself to doing anything I could to help them make it. The next few months was absolutely miraculous. I put thousands of dollars into help fix up their broken down home and get them back on their feet, sticking closely with them from scared, anxio7s, worried, kids taken away possibly firever, to everything perfect. Family reunited, house fixed up, total transformation of everything about them. Then they suddenly mysteriously turned on me and began making false police reports and the police came down so shockingly hard on me for nothing that I knew right away there was another reason. When a state rep directed me to speak with Township Supervisors about rogue abusive police I discovered that I had been unknowingly going to a small church with the commissioner and township supervisors until I was banned when I gently suggested that the pastor not sway from our basic faith in Jesus Christmas Lord & Savior when he was about to bring muslims together with our church. I then found out that those supervisors appointed the police chief against standard protocol, and the judge ehose cell they chained me up in at one point swore in that police chief. Now it began to make sense. Even with a very good lawyer at my preliminary hearing, where there was no witness, no evidence at all of any kind, and the cope vendors said he saw nothing, the judge upheld all charges. They have destroyed my life.

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