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Help love solidarity In the name of Chr


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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: October 8, 2017

Last week I had a friend send me a picture of man that died of starvation. He had an empty water bottle in his hand. I asked him where he got the picture and he said he took it with his phone and that it was along the route home for him back from work. It was literally taken on his phone. It horrified me that this poor man would have suffered so much and that he died, not because of a lack of food, because food is available in this world, and in this country, but it was for lack of love; love in action.

About 3 days later my wife and I booked a ticket to Kenya and I got on the a flight the following day. And I brought my right hand man, filmmaker Eithel Krauss who made the sacrifice to come out to use his gifts to capture what's happening here. My wife, Lori Otto has had the dream to change lives in Africa and this is the fulfillment of that vision. She is a volunteer, and helping to lead this volunteer mission. We have 5 people on the ground volunteering, and Lori is coordinating that effort and the needs of that operation.

Lori is also helping to spearhead the creation of a documentary film, as a producer as she will be coordinating the needs of that endevour. This film will feature the effects of the drought and famine in Africa.

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