Emergency dental work for jeffrey

Burnsville, West Virginia


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Emergency dental work for jeffrey


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Jeffrey pray

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: June 6, 2021

As family members of Jeffrey pray, we are desperately trying to raise financial help for his dental work. Jeffrey had been working in Georgia at Ingles market. But due to the pandemic he lost his job, and was forced to come back home to West Virginia. As he has been home he has been desperately searching for a new job, but not luck so far. His financial situation is not very well. We have been trying to help him out as much as possible but we can help only so much. Jeffrey has been a devoted Christian for all of his life and has always tried to help those in need. We are asking for any help small or big for his emergency dental work he is in desperate of. We thank all who decide to help. I

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