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Build Haiti


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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: August 30, 2016


My name is Fr. Raymond A. Olinger. I am a member of The Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe of San Francisco. I live in Melbourne, Florida where I celebrate Mass in a Chapel in my home. I also work out of Sacred Heart Church in Orlando.

One of our members of our society is Fr. Amogene Charles, T.O.R. of Petionville, Haiti. All of the priests associated with us celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass. I am raising funds to support Fr. Charles and his work in Haiti.

Fr. Charles is responsible for one other priest, seven seminarians and some 13 nuns and postulants. All are Third Order Regular Franciscans. They run two free schools, plus are responsible for forming young seminarians and nuns in their novitiate. Also, Fr. Charles suffers from a blood disease which requires expensive medication. He has not been able to purchase that for the past several months.

They lost the building they were staying in as a result of the earthquake in Haiti in January, 2010. They lived under the stars for a long time, then in tents. Currently they have, through contributions, built  the shell of a two-story building of concrete block construction. You can see by the pictures that the building has a roof but no windows or doors. The building has two wings, one for men the other for women with a common kitchen in the middle.

Cost to complete this building totals $295,400. Separated into individual projects the costs are:

1) Windows. 133 @ $250 each or $33,250.

2) Doors. 81 @ $150 each, plus 3 large doors @2500 each, total $19,650.

3) Ceramics for floors, both sides, $48,000.

4) Electrical System up to code total $38,500.

5) Finish construction, entire building total $40,000.

6) Painting. $35,000.

7) Plumbing - kitchen, showers, toilets, $31,000.

8) School supplies, living expenses, $50,000

Grand Total: $295,400.

None of the monies that came to Haiti as aid after the disastrous earthquake came to Fr. Charles and his group. I hope you will support their noble effort at preserving and spreading the Holy Catholic Faith in Haiti. God bless you.

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