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Refugees in Phoenix


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Benjamin Howard

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Over the past year I have been working with refugees from locations like Iraq, Somolia, Burma, Thailand, and other locations. Once they are brought to the United States, they are given 90 days to basically become self sufficient. As you can probably imagine, having a basic understanding of the English language helps catapult them above other refugees with no English knowledge. We set up computers with phonics software and Rosetta Stone and walk them through our difficult language. 

This is a way to demonstrate love towards these people that are regarded by some as dangerous to our country. We have an opportunity to display the love Jesus had towards those that were the outcasts in His time on Earth. We also have an opportunity to love Jesus by obeying the last command before His ascension, which was to proclaim the good news, make disciples of all nations, and teach them to observe all that has been commanded. We do this, not in the classroom setting and not forcibly, but after being invited into their homes and lovingly within context of our conversations. 

More importantly than financial support is partnering with me in prayer.
"If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it." -Jesus
We have a High Priest, please ask that His name be Glorified above all and that many woiuld believe Jesus is who He said He was and did what He said He would do.

Meeting this financial goal will support me as a domestic full time missionary for 3 months of very basic living expenses such as rent, medicine, car insurance, etc. Thank you in advance for your love for God and for the harvest. Please email me to sign up for the quarterly newsletter at

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