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Mary Flores's peer-to-peer campaign:

ExposeSanger is a fundraiser for Support Pro-Life Education for Teens

Stafford, Virginia


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Category: Pro-life

Start Date: December 22, 2016


This is my fundraiser for Support Pro-Life Education for Teens campaign. Please help me reach my goal and help this great cause!

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

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On January 26, 2017, 14,000 young people from across the country watched Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? as they bussed their way to the 44th annual March For Life, and got a real lesson in accurate history!  300 buses!

Now -- Please help American Life League to send FREE copies of our new awareness video, Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? to 300 high schools across the country!

- Let's give these kids the accurate history they deserve! Take a look! -

Donate today and give the gift of accurate history to the newest Pro-life Generation!

Young pro-lifers will never get the truth about Margaret Sanger from Planned Parenthood. It’s up to you!  Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? is the essential pro-life video about the woman who spearheaded the culture of death.

Why is it so vital for young people to know who Margaret Sanger really was?  

It’s not a simple matter of taking heed of history so as not to repeat it.  Today, Planned Parenthood uses their significant resources to fabricate and promote myths about Sanger to convince young people she was a saint, so to speak. They champion her as a heroine who braved a battle with archaic culture and religion while sacrificing much to bring a new and better era to women and society at large.

Planned Parenthood’s lies do reach even our own Pro-life children’s ears one way or another, and so we must fortify our posterity with knowledge -- with the truth!

Our new video prepares students to combat Planned Parenthood's propaganda about Margaret Sanger!

Your donation in any amount will enable American Life League to send FREE copies of this first-ever video exposé to schools around the country!  $25 raised means a FREE copy of the video will be shipped to a high school in the US! The package also includes an Instructor Guide and CD-ROM with printable handouts.

This unit study and video series for high school students teaches about Margaret Sanger and how she changed America’s mind about birth control.

Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? helps students understand the impact of the contraceptive mentality on the decriminalization of abortion, identifies the connection between the eugenics movement and the Nazis, and recognizes the ties between the sexual revolution and destruction of the feminine genius in society. This dynamic series is a must-have for high school classrooms and students who are serious about combating the culture of death!

Donated package includes: Instructor Guide, CD-ROM with printable handouts, and DVD containing the 3-part video series.

Your support for this project is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

ALL - Culture of Life Studies Program

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