Fundraiser to cover Aracely's Operation

South Bend, Indiana


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Fundraiser to cover Aracely's Operation


10% funded

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: July 14, 2016

Dear friends,

 Aracely is an incredible young woman whose transformation is beyond inspiring. I am committed to her long and fruitful life, which is why I'm reaching out to you. 

 Aracely has been experiencing intense back pain due to the fact that her spinal chord is curving as a result of her gait. She sustained a gunshot wound in her leg in her childhood that has altered her gait and thus damaged her spinal chord. After multiple doctor's appointments, she's been told that she urgently needs to have a metal rod put into her leg in order to correct her gait and her spinal chord, lest she become paralyzed.

 The rod costs $2500, but she was able to get Ciudad Mujer to sponsor half of the cost.  Thus, she needs to raise $1250 for the rod, and I'd like to raise $250 extra for the cost of transportation, medicine, and imprevistos during her long recovery period. As is, Aracely and Cesar's budget only stretches to cover the cost of their daily necessities and of taking care of Milagro and Saraí (Ara's cousin whom she took in and put in school to get her out of an abusive situation). 

 Anything you can contribute is invaluable.

  Thank you.

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