Michael and Jennifer Jost New House

Lake in the Hills, Illinois


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Michael and Jennifer Jost New House


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Michael and Jennifer Jost

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Start Date: June 17, 2018

The 25th wedding anniversary of Michael and Jennifer Jost is on August 14th, and as their children we want to celebrate this wonderful occasion with them. Instead of merely throwing them a party, however, we considered the merit of holding a fundraiser to raise money to assist them in their current endeavors. I am sure many of you are already aware of my family’s present circumstance: we had a fire in the house last fall, which necessitated the house being torn down. Luckily, no one was in the house during the event. We are currently in the midst of rebuilding the house, and are including an addition to its former structure. Since the beginning of this endeavor, my parents have been thwarted; they have repeatedly been confronted with stone walls where a glass door should have been found. First, it was coping with the fire itself, the idea of not having a home for an unknown period of time, and then the impossible task of sorting through the contents of the entire house. On the heels of these hardships quickly followed dealing with the seemingly endless amount of work required by the insurance company, planning for the new house, struggling with regulations and personnel, and hiring a crew. Finally, after the ground thawed, we were ready to build. Then came the problems with the weather and the mortgage company, among other problems. This couple has persevered through it all, however, and every day continue the battle together. I am sure you can imagine the emotional and physiological hardships our parents have gone through, but they have remained loving and incredibly generous to us through it all. Until the house is finished, their intense hardships will go on. We would like to lessen one of these hardships by raising money to gift them on their wedding anniversary to use in building the house. Any help at all towards our goal would be extremely appreciated. Please share through email, social media, etc.. Thank you and God Bless, The Jost kids John, Veronica, Rachel, Emilie, Aidan, Mary, Ciara, Elizabeth, Liam **IMPORTANT - this fundraiser should remain a secret from Michael and Jennifer Jost, so when sharing it on social media please make sure you exclude them and @WickhamInteriors from the posting (contact Veronica with questions)

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