New Card Game: Heretic!

Ottawa, Ontario


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New Card Game: Heretic!


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Nicolas Carnogursky

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: March 5, 2019

I am creating a new Trivia cardgame called Heretic!. It is simple, each card contains the main tenents of a belief system or Christian sect that has been condemned as heretical by the Holy See. One person draws a card, reads "I believe that...*heretical statement*... what am I?"
The other players have to try and guess what heresy he is stating.
very simple, great for faith formation and catechization!
I am hoping to get a test deck printed and have the local bishop give this game an imprimatur and nihil obstat! It might be a first!

I am very poor and paying off student debts, I cannot afford to fund this project myself, I need $15 for the test deck, and then another $4-500 to print enough decks for promotion!

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