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Team Xamara


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Xamara Trevino

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Jaclyn Hernandez Xamara's Aunt

Helping my sister out in raising much needed funds for a handicap mini van for daughter's transportation.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: May 4, 2017

Xamara Trevino is my niece and she has been battling SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) since before she was diagnosed at 11 months old. Her parents Matthew and Diana (my sister) Treviño, noticed that something was wrong at around 4 months. She has overcome many obstacles, endured more pain than anyone can imagine, and she has determined to live her life enthusiastically. She has grown so much, and even though doctors were confident she would not live past toddler age, she is now thriving as a 9 year old! Thankfully, she’s had treatment Spinraza, and it has help her gain dramatic strength. However, her growth has had an impact, as well, in the manner in which she is cared for. It has become difficult to transport her to and from places since she has outgrown her car seat. Her wheelchair has grown with her, and it has been difficult to adapt to the weight of all her machines, chairs, and her frail body. We ask kindly for any support anyone can give us in starting some funding for a handicap van for effortless accessibility. We would like for her to enjoy the many things we take for granted, and to explore as much as she can with ease. We thank anyone who donates for their generosity. God Bless!

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