A Physical place for the Nativity Museum

Johnston, Rhode Island


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A Physical place for the Nativity Museum


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MUDENA Foundation

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: June 17, 2017

  • There is a Nativity Museum in Medellín Colombia, MUDENA Foundation, that is located in the house of the owner and needs to have a place to develop a special social work with children, head of families mother´s and and other families in need. These activities will be developed around the show of more than one thousand six hundred nativities Scenes, mangers, that have been collected for more than 20 years for Luz Stella Londoño, a former teacher of Antioquia University, the second biggest university in Colombia, now retired. She intents to unite efforts with artisans, craftsman that make nativities scenes and teach children of all ages and their mothers the art of enjoy doing nativities scenes, mangers, and at the same time to teach them the importance of been a good human being, able to let grow inside the human values of live like respect, humility, courage, sharing, love, peace, overcoming, honesty, kindness, responsability, decency, solidarity, sociability, serenity, leadership, ecology, family value, simplicity, perseverance, sacrifice, sobriety, trust, punctuality, neatness, emphaty, happiness, advice, service, magnanimity and more. And then, all people, artisans, children and families could have a better life quality. They could have beautiful hand made mangers at home, or give them to their relatives and friends or they could also sale them, if they want in the Store of the Museum that would be open all year long, and have an extra income for their families. This activities will allow us to select the kids that deserve to give them scholarships to help them study and obtain a university grade that could help them and their families to have a better life. The Museum would be a great religious tourist attraction of the city, the region and the country.
  • Your donation will allowed us to make  this dream to come true. Many children will be out of problems and will become good and  honest citizenships of the world! You could made it possible!!

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