Help Arline in the fight of her life!

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Help Arline in the fight of her life!


26% funded

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Personhood Alliance

Personhood Alliance

Category: Pro-life

Start Date: January 8, 2020

For decades, Arline Lester served her community as a math teacher in the public schools of Brooklyn, New York.  Now she is fighting for her right to life in the Supreme Court in Nassau County, NY and she needs our help to pay for the legal team that is fighting to keep her alive.  

One of Arline's sons, Ed Lester is mounting a valiant campaign for his mother, while Arline's other son is attempting to have the Supreme Court grant him sole guardianship over his mother in order to withdraw life sustaining nutrition and hydration and cause her early death.

Read more about Arline's fight for her right to life here:

As you can see for yourself, Arline's own wishes are crystal clear.  As shown in this heart wrenching video recorded only one month ago by her son Ed, she WANTS TO LIVE, and only needs receive the necessary nutrition and hydration in order to continue to live and have a chance to live out the rest of her natural life.

The trial is happening this very week and the son who is fighting for Arline's right to life is in dire need of funds for such basic things as paying for court transcripts and mounting a possible appeal.

This is the time for pro-lifers to unite behind a family in need.  

Your support can make the difference in this case.  All available funds will go to pay for the legal costs being incurred by Ed Lester in his fight to honor his mother's wish to live.  As the trial goes on, the legal costs are mounting rapidly and Ed and Arline need to feel the love and support of the pro-life community.

Please help by donating to Ed's legal funds to help his mother, and by sharing this campaign with your family and friends.

May God bless you and give Arline, her son Ed, and their legal team the means to fight on.

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