Unexpected Seriousness

Salt Lake City, Utah


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Unexpected Seriousness


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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: October 1, 2019

After trying to get help from my doctor for some time with symptoms that kept progressing and getting worse, I discovered this year that I have 2 nodules on my thyroid, that was biopsied. but there were not enough good cells to determine, a nodule on my lung, and bloodwork results were not good, having pneumonia and pleurisy in April that never fully cleared up, and finally having my doctor treat me for pneumonia again on 9-19-19, but I needed to go to the ER for a pain in my side in the early morning of 9/20/19, I was admitted into the hospital because I can't breathe on my own. I have been on 70-80% since, the lack of oxygen was causing me to go into cardiac arrest. Due to the lung infection, and the high level of oxygen required, it will be 30 days or longer before we can even get an idea of when I can go home again...  With all the work I've missed, all the work I will be missing, and all the medical bills piling up, I hate asking for help, but I have no choice right now.  I have 3 teenagers that I can't be there for, I literally can't leave... I'm at the lowest I have ever been in my life.  Please help

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