Relocate Andrew to MO for his mom

Denver, Colorado


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Relocate Andrew to MO for his mom


29% funded

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Andrew Whaley

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Andrew Whaley

I'm a non-profit and coffee consultant in the midst of having life rearranged.

Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: January 17, 2018

5/16/18 Update: I wanted to thank everyone who has given to this and wanted to update you on the status of things. For starters, this money was a life saver and could not have relocated and taken care of my mom in the way I have been able to without it. So, thanks again to you all! 

I have relocated from Denver to Jackson, MO. My stuff is all in storage in Denver still. Mom's bathroom was remodeled enough to make it possible for her to live at home. I can not explain how important this was. Working in this bathroom makes me realize every day how impossible it would have been without a remodel. Mom has been through two in-patient rehab programs, in-home rehab, and is now nearing the end of out-patient rehab. Her walking and mobility has come a long way, but we have a long way to go. We jumped through all the government hoops and now have in-home care for 32.5 hours a week! We needed it. I was about to burn out. I have rented a cheap office nearby, have a single consulting client, and am beginning to get back to work. I think I will be able to find more work and make a living, as well as launch my non-proift. I don't think we are going to need the full amount of this fundraiser, but I'm going to push it for one more round. 

We now are in need of the following: 

1. Upgrades to Mom's home and equipment to get her even more independence. 

2. Additional caregiver hours that the state won't cover, so I can travel for business and make a living. 

3. A portion of Mom's medical expenses that the powers that be won't cover. 

4. If there is money left over, I'd like to get my mom some chiropractic and massage to help her get full mobility and range of motion back, but most of that kind of thing doesn't seem to be covered. 

Thanks to all you again. This journey has been easily the hardest thing I've ever done and I have no idea what the future holds, but God has been with us and will continue to lead, heal, and guide us both. Our prayers go out for all of you daily. Pax!

Original Posting: If you are reading this you already know that my mom, Sherry Whaley, had a massive hemmoragic stroke on 12/21/17. On 12/26 they took her off the heavy sedation and there seemed to be no response beyond mild reflex reactions. They gave me a 1% chance she would even wake up, let alone survive. On the morning of 12/27 I got a call from the ICU and the doctor told me we had gotten our 1% and that Mom had opened her eyes and was taking simple commands. From there, the ventilator came out, then the tube draining her brain, and then one more tube every few days. She began to come around, communicating first by blinks, then by simple responses. It was a mircale. I had my mom back! They continued to fight her blood pressure, but by 1/2/18 she was out of the ICU. We asked about in-patient rehab, but were assured that she would not be able to handle 3 hours of therapy a day any time soon. So, we began shopping for a skilled nursing facility. A couple of days later a representative from the in-patient rehab program came into the room and began clarifying our plans for the application to enter in-patient rehab. I was confused. They stated that she was progressing quickly enough that they thought she could handle it. I had to commit to her coming home to 24 hour care to get her in this program, but I thought that it would be best for her. So, at that moment, I made the choice that I would leave my new job that I love, in the city I love, and return to Jackson, MO to care for my mom. There was no real choice. I am an only child and my parents have been divorced since I was 12. Since that decision, Mom has battled vertigo, nausea, and insomnia, but is doing really well in rehab. I spoke with her on the phone since returning to Denver and she sounds like my mom again! She is making such great strides in her recovery! Now, I have to do my end of the bargain which is to store all my belongings, mostly leave my source of income, and relocate to an area I've only lived in for about a year in the last 17 years. For a while I will need to focus on some remodeling in my mom's house to make it fit for a walker and possibly a wheelchair, including a full remodel of the bathroom, then turn to helping her reenter life in her home, get to her medical appointments, and begin to eat and exercise in a way that will keep her with us and hopefully to flourish. 

As you can imagine, this is going to be a very expensive process, with moving and storage expenses, remodeling expenses, all along with the loss of most of my income. My wonderful employer Stargazer Fine Chocolates & Coffee have given me some guaranteed consulting going forward, but given the depth of that retail project, which I committed to for a year, I have not kept other consulting work in the pipeline, since I didn't think I'd have time to do much else during the launch of Stargazer and the shift to a summer menu soon after. So, after much prayer and resistance on my part, I have come to understand that I need to reach out for help. I am not comfortable doing so, despite my history and comfort with non-profit fundraising. I've never been a cause, but I guess for now I am. So, I am trying to raise for the following needs: 

1. Moving and storage expenses to get me back to MO in a timely manner

2. Money to remodel my mom's bathroom and to aid in clearing and remodeling of the rest of her house to fit her new level of ability. 

3. The loss of my salary, tips, and profit sharing in the new Denver project, minus the guaranteed and estimated consulting revenue for next few months. 

4. Money for in-home care assistance, beyond the amazing team of my mother's friends, so I can look for work or travel for consulting and speaking. 

Thanks to all you have given your time, comfort, help, and most importantly prayers. If you can give, please do, but please please continue to pray for my mom. She is a miracle and that is surely tied to the thousands of people who are praying for her. This is about her, not me. 

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