Angels Unaware The Movie

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Angels Unaware The Movie


2% funded

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Angels Unaware The Movie

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Ken Ebacher

Ken Ebacher, Screenwriter, Makeup Designer, Co-cinematographer, Director and Executive Producer of Angels Unaware © 2017

Category: Arts & Entertainment

Start Date: January 31, 2017

Maggie, a young U.S. Army widow who is unemployed, pregnant, is facing a possible foreclosure on her home. Upon her chance encounter with Greg, a homeless veteran who is contemplating suicide,  will Maggie's heroic charity and fortitude in persuading Greg that his life is worthwhile while she struggles with her dilemma and grief?Angels unaware weird EPSON066 copy.pngangels unaware three weird banner EPSON015 copy.pngnew angels unaware qrow EPSON015 copy.pngAngels unaware EPSON066 copy.png

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