Faith based Action Adventure Movie

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Faith based Action Adventure Movie


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Doug Gentile

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Category: Arts & Entertainment

Start Date: April 7, 2017

Need funds to hire a top notch college film school to make a movie.  It is history-making and groundbreaking:  The first known Big Screen Faith-Based, Family-Friendly Suspense/Action/Thriller movie.  Almost all suspense/action/thriller movies in recent history are vulgar, sexed-up and godless.  This project, entitled "Cro Magnon 6", is a movie that will entertain both secular audiences, but also draw in tens of millions of viewers offended by vulgarity and immoral sex scenes.  This groundbreaking movie is to start a trend for more family-friendly suspense/action/thriller movies across the USA.  

"Cro Magnon 6" is very timely:  It is a fictionalized story about an evil axis of Neo-Nazis and Jihadists threatening the US Government.  The CIA hero must stop them.  The story also has a murder mystery element:  a Presidential candidate is assassinated, and the person who ordered the assassination is not identified until the end of the movie.  The $1,000,000 is to pay the film school for the actors, directors, technicians, etc., plus the costs for getting the film onto the Big Screen.  20% of the profits of the movie will be spent on racial reconciliation ministry activities.

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