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Do you have a cause such as animal welfare or environmental conservation? Did a friend lose his or her job and you want to help the family? Does an existing charitable organization need support to continue their good work?

Many people have used the power of crowdfunding for charity to achieve these goals. By inspiring your family, friends and community and spreading the word, you can reach more people. Crowdfunding technology makes it easy for people to donate to charity at the click of a button on any of their devices from anywhere in the world.

Every crowdfunding for nonprofits campaign has an administrator who through peer-to-peer fundraising can share responsibilities with others - who even get their own mini-campaign. So, your fundraising goal will not seem so large, as targets and responsibilities are split up and shared.

From feeding hungry people to raising money for a sick one’s medical treatment, we can help you get the word out.We also offer a viral video feature where you can reach out to people by creating engaging videos that give a personal touch than just posting a link to the donation page.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a super-fun and also highly successful campaign where supporters including celebrities shared viral videos and rallied others to donate. You can also initiate a fun challenge to your friends and ask them to pass the message on through a viral video.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, everyone has a cause that is dear to their heart.Earlier, it was slow and time-consuming to mobilize resources for your charity or non-profit. But now, anyone can setup a credible online campaign with us and then get funded from all over the world within a few minutes.More and more people are seeing the advantage of the ease and speed offered by using crowdfunding platforms and this will only grow.

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