Help save my dog Stormys life

Palmdale, California


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Help save my dog Stormys life


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Jessy Jo

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Jessy Prine

Hello my name's Jessy and I love animals

Category: Animals & Nature

Start Date: December 11, 2019

Hello all who open the this funding page. I'm starting this for my handsome, sweet, loving terrier Stormy the fun energetic and happy dog we all know and love, is currently having very very bad lower back/abdominal pains. I have taken him into the emergency vet 12/09/2019 but the bill for everything is just so much (805 dollars) so I could only do what I could. Which was get his fluids. Pain meds. A couple pain shots etc. Which totaled around 250 dollars. Today, day 4 of Stormie's pain ias reached it's highest level from what my eyes can see and ears can hear. He can't walk for longer longer than 5 minutes. He can't eat and he can't sit. vet said from just examining him he has Lower back issues in the hip area possibly. However it can be abdominal pains and that's where they see the pain coming from. Since back pains can spread to abdominal or something like that she stated. She also said Stormy could have pancreatic problems. Which can become very severe if untreated. Since I can't afford to treat it. It can become severe but with the help of the internet Stormy can become his fun playfull self again. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. Stormy is a wonderful dog who lifts anyone's spirits even when he's a naughty boy. He is an amazing dog. We are scared of something happening to him I don't know what I would do without him. Please help us. Thank you to all that help

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