Engaged and Homeless Due to COVID-19

Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Engaged and Homeless Due to COVID-19


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Joey Washlow

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Joey Washlow

Struggling, engaged couple hoping for some help.

Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: July 9, 2020

Hey There, My name is Joey and my fiancee is Zac and right now we are homeless. I'm starting this fundraiser because recently my fiancee and I along with our cat, Nova lost our house because the owner we rented from died from COVID-19. We need help getting into a rental and because of the situation with the government shut down we both have become unemployed. We are waiting on Unemployment benefits and don't know when those funds might be available. We are very grateful that we have had the help from the people who have been able to help us financially but now we are really struggling. We have been staying at a local motel and that is costing us $350 a week. There are very few options due to having our cat and finding somewhere that had any vacancies. Our motel rent is due again on Friday and we have no idea how we are going to be able to pay for it. Rental applications cost anywhere from $25-$50 per person applying on top of the security deposit and first month's rent. Being a bartender for the last 13 years has opened up some grant opportunities for me but I'm still waiting to hear back on those. I'm also still waiting on my stimulus check and federal tax return from last year and have no idea when I might be getting either one of those. I've gone through government resources and almost no help has come from them. I'm reaching out to any of our friends and family that may see this and I'm asking if you can help us in any way possible we would appreciate it from the bottoms of our hearts. We are hoping that we can get enough to pay our motel rent for 2 more weeks and then have enough to get into an apartment. If you have the means to help it is greatly appreciated.

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