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Raising fund for startup business idea


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Enrique amai

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Category: Technology

Start Date: January 5, 2019

Hello everyone, please read till end. First&formost i want to start by immensely thanking everyone that in one way or the other have donated to any cause in this site/platform of fundraising,pherps you might not really know or understand how far your donation/es have gone to touching and changing millions of lifes out there, and also thanks to the  brain of those great individuales that thinked out this way of touching peoples lifes and changing our world and making it a hopeful  place  despites all the ups&downs or challenges that we all faces on daily bases as life goes on, every efforts made so far are highly appreciated thank you all.well haven said the above, i will like to start by introducing myself, my name is Enrique living here in spain, or Henry if translated in english, as we all know that every record is made or set  so that people can work very hard in reaching or even broken or superseding it,well here comes my idea  i am a young and enthusiatic very visionary person with great qualities of touching the lifes of people around me,but above all achieving every goal that i have set so far, am having a great startup idea of creating a App of an online social  business  that will supersed any social network system that is in existance at the moment or atleast that's what  my personal instinct is telling me and i so strongly believe it, the idea has to do with  caring and protecting of our planet making it greener purer and pollution free,as i  hope and strongly believe that the impact of my idea will be highly felt and  will reach into every conner of the planet touching and changing our lives our children lives and that of the generations to come,as they will inherite  our collectives or individual achievements of today, regarding to making the earth a better place, for is our collectives and individual responsibilities to achieve it, Please  i will be  needing a help/assistance from everyone  to make this idea come true no matter where you are reading me from, I kindly plead as  believe that  no one is too poor to contribute to this great project that am embarking on today,be it from 1Cent to any amount you  willingly wish  from the best of your ability to offer, just know it's gonna be highly appreciated.the app and startup idea according to the developing company will be at the minimum range of 20,000$ dollars,please do not hestitate should you wants to speak with the I.T. company, at the moment all i have with me  is the idea but not the cash, so i kindly plead to everyone who don't like to see dreams die,to please come join and make it a reality, every single cents donated will be perfectly accounted for,I promise from the deepest part of my inner heart, if Possible i will like to have a reaching  contact infos,of every donor so that i can return the donations to every donor that may wish it so,as soon as my idea starts yealding fruits, i promise is gonna be in a very short period of time ,and ofcourse i will as well be assisting and donating to those that might be in  personal or business startup needs in the future  just as am needing it  today.For those who might want to know more about my idea before donating,they can contact me directly, country spain, phone number 0034-632836206 or by email for more personal details and aclarations.this goes more specially to those individuals or collectives who likes to assist without been noticed or with the understanding of right hand not knowing what the left one does. Am kinda  very shy person,please bear with me and understand my plights as i will not be adding personal photos but will send it privatly or chat online on donors demands all i can add for now is  the APP image, for 100%transparency reasons this announcement will be published on various fundraising sites/platforms and will be removed as soon as the monetary goal is achieve,a very big and above one million thanks ahead for caring and been there. N.B. Please i kindly plead,do not take this for a joke ,unserious thing, or a SCAMM nooo, please  it is 100%real as am burning with eagerness and the zeal above all, to geting this great ambiental and eco system life changing idea carried out.PLEASE  assist as much as you can  according to your ability for it is 100% real, you can call me for talk or we can chat on webcam for more details to be provided,please help this idea succeed thank you veryyyy much.

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