Starting a Organized Stray Dog Shelter

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal


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Starting a Organized Stray Dog Shelter


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Suvajit Ghosh

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Suvajit Ghosh

I am a consultant working for micro enterprises and govt dept with ITeS. I'm also a naturist and animals welfare enthusiast with lots of hope and willingness. To learn more about me you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

Category: Animals & Nature

Start Date: January 12, 2020

I am personally taking care of 3 dogs (Dhyampo, Dadubai and poppy) in my home. Given shelter to a mother dog (Guthu bunu) with two puppies (Lal and Bali) under my staircase. And two adult male dogs on the front porch (Guthu bhai and Motabhai). And another mother (Bhutu) with three puppies (Lalbhai, motu bunu and Choto bunu) in the back of my house. I feed them well but can't afford the medical expenses. I do feed other two (5 Adult and 5 puppies in Dholi pack and 5 Adult 3 puppies in Jhonny pack) groups of dogs in my neighborhood every night. Mostly I prepare boiled rice with small amount of chicken sauce or curd. Only this much is helping them to go sleep in full stomach. All of them also get some breakfast (2-3 slice breads each) every day. Personally this much is possible till now. With the rising expense, it's taking a toll from my family budget. But every year most of the stray puppies die in road accidents and pervo, distemper, etc. I try but can't do much with my financial limitations and without a team. A few groups of people working for animals in my city are not capable of serving most of the stry in need. They are much active in social media than in the street. I am grateful to them for the effort they have given to spread the awareness. No govt help is available in our district too. I think without support from an organized animal welfare system, everything will be same. Individualal effort will not be effective for most of the poor mutts. I want to register an organization and form a team of volunteers and vets etc to feed, treat, shelter and care for the poor animals. I would like to hire a Lawyer, CA and a Planner for the full project at first. And to provide medical care to all my mutts mentioned above. After a professional planning and registration organization will take care of the animal welfare system of our community. But can't afford the money needed to organize such a venture. Hereby, I am asking for your willful assistance and funding for the first few steps toward a better future for the animals in need. Thanking you Suvajit Ghosh And Satabdi Das

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