AFM Mercy Home Vehicle need

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AFM Mercy Home Vehicle need


18% funded

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Category: Volunteer & Mission

Start Date: February 8, 2019

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Mercy Home needs a 4 wheel all weather vehicle!

Help us raise up the needed funds to care for our orphan home and our community better. 

Purchase a vehicle for Transportation and hauling supplies has become a greater need and target goal by mid 2019. With our growing family we really have found it is becoming more and more difficult to manage with just 3 motorbikes. We need a VAN! We are estimating about $12 k will buy us something of decent quality and meet all our Mercy Home needs.

Sample of a Mazda Bongo we could buy from $7 to 12,000 depending how used we go. 


Our AFM Purple fleet of Honda motorcycles is how we get around and with such a growing amount of business need owning 3 bikes and having 3 paid staff drivers is less costly than renting boda boda rides, but is still not enough and we still have to rent cars and trucks to carry supplies often. Plus it is dangerous riding these bikes in the often rainy conditions and sudden downpours of Western Kenya. To take a kid to the hospital in an emergency is also a major issue not having a car of some sort.  34465140_10216894006092108_4992687258675970048_n.jpg

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