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A safe home


11% funded

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Pablo J Gonzalez

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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: July 8, 2019

(If someone would share this on their social media it would be greatly appreciated as we have none)

Our housing has been a struggle for the last 3 years. We bought what we thought was our forever home in Rich Hill, Missouri early in 2016. 3500 sq. ft, 36 acres, 10 of them a forest with deer, and a stocked pond. Within months, we and everyone who visited, were getting sick. Pneumonia, headaches, seizures, disoriented, etc. We spent 10s of thousands of dollars on a wild goose chase trying to fix the problem--replaced all the flooring, swapped out gas appliances for electric ones, radon and mold testing, etc. After doing some research, we figured out our house was built on reclaimed land. Basically, it was a coal mine that had been filled up with soil, grass seeds and sold. Environmental testing showed extremely high levels of methane, thus we were basically living in a gas chamber. Of course, our homeowner's insurance had a pollution exclusion. After saving up for 9 years to buy a home, we had to abandon it. We stayed with friends in Dallas, family in Mississippi and Florida. Eventually, some friends offered their cabin in North Carolina. Me, my pregnant wife, 5 boys and 2 dogs in 400 sq. ft. Tight quarters to say the least, but the setting was beautiful as we were grateful our only daughter was born there in February of 2017. We tried looking for a proper rental, but unfortunately, you tell people you have 5 boys (now 6) and 1 girl, you might as well say you have a pack of rottweilers. We did find a small house from a nice older couple, about 1000 sq. ft, in April, . Unfortunately, the house is in dire straits as they do not have the means to fix it, especially heating or air conditioning. In addition, we have a second obstacle that I believe is based on the current political climate that  does not help. My wife and I were born here, her brother was disabled in Iraq, members of my family have served, we homeschool our kids but they pledge allegiance to the flag. I can go on and on, but people only see my last name--Gonzalez.

For the last 18 months we have been actively looking for a better home. We love this area and believe this is where God wants us. We belong to a great parish with a great priest,  that has many large homeschooling families like ours attending, several have had vocations. Life here is very different than were we grew up in South Florida. It is not "keep up with the Joneses" or let's see who can dress the most provocative. We believe that our main goal as parents is to help out children make it to Heaven and that Western North Carolina is the place that gives us the best chances.

Unfortunately, no one was willing to rent to us. We always had excuses like "the septic tank cannot handle 9 people" (mind you, 2 of our kids are in diapers), "city ordinance says 2 people per room" etc., etc. We declared bankruptcy in order to protect ourselves from turning the house back to the bank, thus our credit is shot for a few years. There is though, a credit union that will finance us after 2 years of discharge, thus we can buy again after March of 2021. Because we had basically given up, and because our van was a disaster (no A/C, replaced transmission multiple times) we decided to sell the van, my car and as many things as we could. We took all of that money and invested it into a new van that would allow us to travel safely and comfortably.

Of course, as luck would have it, a house for rent came up and we decided to try. When the property manager told us she was one of 7 kids, we knew God was intervening. We applied and to our surprise were accepted, the problem is that because of the new van, we have zero to no money for the 1st, last, security and utility and moving expenses. We would be going from 1000 sq ft and no A/C to 2300 sq ft and A/C with a large yard. We are praying that God will provide a miracle through some good people that will help literally open a door for us. If not financially, we ask that you pease keep us in your prayers.

May God bless you for your consideration!

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