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Aubrey’s Therapy Device


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Aubrey Witmer

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Category: Medical & Emergencies

Start Date: November 8, 2021

Hello friends and family,

We are very excited to tell you about a therapy device that we are raising money for. Many of you know that Aubrey was born at 24 weeks and shortly after birth, experienced grade 4, bilateral intraventricular hemorrhaging in her brain caused by her extreme prematurity. Because of this, she now has cerebral palsy which affects her muscles, coordination, balance, and movement. As a special needs parent, I am constantly researching outside of typical therapy modalities to give Aubrey the best opportunity to live her life to the fullest. Through this research I discovered a therapy device called a vibration plate. This plate is used for vibration platform therapy. It’s a device that is designed for in-home use and will allow us to work alongside her physical therapist to give direction and instructions for additional exercises as she progresses. The company, StimDesigns, has created the Galileo platform and all the necessary training. They have also published studies showing the amazing benefit for children and adults with cerebral palsy, as well as many other neuromuscular disorders. This is why I like the company so much. It's also important that we start this new therapy as soon as possible due to Aubrey’s age because of the growth and closure of certain bones. Starting now will give her the best chance at walking one day! Aubrey is such a bright light and a joy to many people, and I know that God has amazing plans for her.

We have already secured $3,400 of the $6,500 that we need for this device. If you want to mail a check instead of giving online, please just send me a private message.

Galileo’s mechano-stimulation is unlike any other neuromuscular and neural communication tool.  It involves the use of a mechanical stimulus to excite the nervous system making training more effective.  Galileo’s activity-based, high-repetition training will improve motor learning through both “voluntary” pathways and “involuntary" reflex-based pathways using three frequency ranges.  Depending on the frequency range the muscles and body responds in different ways.  Frequency ranges are not arbitrary but are determined as a result of muscle physiology.

Training is fast, simple and efficient by recruiting the sensory and motor systems putting small and large antagonistic muscle groups through thousands of reflexive muscle contractions.  A training session of 3 minutes at 25 Hz provides 4500 muscle contractions similar to walking a distance of 4,500 steps.  No other training tool can provide this much neuromuscular stimulation in such a short time.

Galileo can be easily combined with activity-based exercises like sit-to-stand, squats, catching or kicking a ball and, other tasks. This intervention is working on the impairment level of the neuromuscular system but at the same time also on the activity level providing improved outcomes like: 1) better balance, 2) longer walking distance, 3) higher walking speed, 4) better sit-to-stand, 5) increased range of motion and, 6) improved muscle power.  Other enhanced outcomes are 1) reduced tone and spasticity, 2) refined movement patterns, 3) improved microcirculation, 4) increased blood flow and lymphatic system, 5) higher bone mass and osteoporosis prevention, 6) reduced contractures and, very little cardio effect.

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