Help Poor People and Said Animals

Jaipur, Rajasthan


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Help Poor People and Said Animals


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Category: Education & Research

Start Date: January 18, 2020

Your fundraiser is under review and not visible to the outside world until it is approved. Meanwhile, if you have absolutely any questions, scroll down and get in touch with your fundraiser manager . Help Poor People Edit Personal Rural Development Edit Help Four Poor People Edit help-poor-people-ytmym 0 raised of 15,00,000 goal 0 supporters 59 days left Edit End Date Tech Amsa Campaigner & Beneficiary Tech Amsa Jaipur Contact About About the Fundraiser Edit I think we have a lot of opportunities to help poor people. I can work voluntarily with different organizations. I can help them with money or give them extra things like clothes and shoes. I can help them with education. We can help them to stop wars. We can give them small loans to open their own businesses. My responsibility is to help poor people, because many people don’t have enough food and clothes. In the world there are many problems with war, religion, and different types of criminality. So most of the poor people face these types of problems. So we should help them! If I have clothes, I could give it to them, if I have food, I could give it to them. If you have more money, give it to poor people and if you know ill people you could help at the hospital or buy medicines. If you help poor people, God will help you! Please help poor people! Giving a helping hand to a needy one is not only a responsibility, but it’s also an act of humanity that we show towards others. We can make a difference in their lives even with a little – it doesn’t demand that much, just a little of what we have and a little of our time. We can change their lives and give them a good will & happiness, by showing them hospitalty and love. We can care for what they need and we can give them this even with just a smile and a good deed. Being poor doesn’t make them a different people or unwanted, it’s just a life course that they faced. So I say that we should help everyone, no matter what colour, race or religion they have. It’s important not to be selfish. Yes, we must help the poor people. We must think that even we could be in the same situation as them one day. We can help them through organizations like FN, we could donate money so they can feed the poor people. We can also donate clothes etc. It’s important to help each other, every country’s economy is affected by the other countries around. Yes we should help the poor people. We can help them in different ways. With money we can do a lot – help educate the people in different ways. We can share technology, clothes, food and money for those people in Africa and we can help them with knowledge. Many women must plan their children, so they don’t get a lot of children. Farmers must learn better ways to use their land. Some of the Asian countries are good in technology but they need some plan to do things in better ways. Our responsibility is to help the poor people, but we must help them in an honest way. As persons we can just give what we have at the moment, but governments need a plan. Western countries and The World Bank have always helped African countries but not in an honest way. If I were to help a beggar, I would not give money to him/her, because if I gave him/her money, he/she would need more afterwards. I could rather help finding a job and to go with him/her to a restaurant to buy something to eat. Afterwards I would call a nursing home. Yes, we must help poor people. We can help them to go to school so they can learn to read and write. We must think about how we use things, and think about whether we need the thing or whether we must have the thing. Maybe we have to stop eating meat end only eat vegetables. There are millions of poor people in the world and they haven’t chosen to be poor. We have to understand this and we must help them. We can help them in different ways. We can give them food but I think if we give them food today, they will be hungry tomorrow. It means we would not help them. But we can give them houses and jobs and education. To do this we need to help each other. Not everyone has something to give them, but everyone can do something. I will write about how we can help the millions of poor people. We can help them in different ways. For an example we can give them money to start a business or for education. If they are homeless, they can live with us. We can buy them some animals. They can sell newspapers if we give them money. We can buy some exercise books to the poor children and pens and pencils. I think there are many ways to help poor people. We can join a group or find means to help the poor people. We can learn them how to fish, instead of giving them fish. I think we have many ways to help poor people. We must teach them skills. Do not give them fish, because the next day they have to eat again. So it’s important to give them jobs, so they can fend for themselves. In my opinion, it is really a big responsibility for us to help poor people. Of course not all of them, because we don’t have the capacity to do so, but if we at least try to help one, it is enough. And when we help them, it doesn’t mean helping them with everything like buying houses for them or feeding them the whole life but to try including them socially and not neglect them. Some poor people don’t deserve sympathy and that’s because they beg so that they can afford to pay for drinks. My conclusion is that not all poor people that beg in the street need help. Our responsibility towards poor people is to protect them. First of all we must give them houses to sleep in, food to eat and clothes to warm themselves. This controls if they are healthy or not. Some of us live in rich countries. We must meet each other and collect some money or clothes to send to the poor countries. My opinion is that we should help them, for example if I have enough money but another person has nothing, no money or food to eat, it is not good. Our God also says that we should help weak people. We must help the poor people, because they are human beings. They don’t have money and property, but every person must respect them. If everyone of us help one poor person maybe that is enough? If you don’t have money or a home, what do you think about? The poor people are members of our society and we must care about them and we must treat them kindly. If we could give only 1 kr to them each, and if 100 persons gave 1 kr, the poor person would get 100kr. You know, we have one world that is divided in two. On one side is people living their life in luxury, and on the other side is people who can’t afford to live, they have no place to live, they have no food to eat and they have no clothes to wear. There are poor people who need much more to be able to live, while other people have enough to survive. As said, poor people have not enough clothes, food, education and health. To be poor means to be deprived economically, politically and socially. They have no possibilities. To help poor people is a good job. To care for poor people and to help them is a real task. The more you give to poor people, the more you give them strength and if you give them one chance or opportunity, you will see a change in your life. Another thing is to show the poor people love and respect. It is another way to help poor people. Here are five ways to help poor people: Give them support: A good way to help poor people is to give them a hand or a hug. Give them moral support, show love, respect and make them aware that someone really cares about them. Give them economic support: Ordinary people can help poor people by giving economic support. We can help them to solve problem with living. For an example, they need to get meals for their family, a place to live or some clothes. Give them groceries: Give groceries to poor people. They can’t even afford a meal for themselves or their family. Don’t waste food, it is better to give it to those that need it the most. Give them old belongings: To help poor people, is to give them old things, such as old clothes, old furnitures or other old things. Clothes is a big help for poor people especially in the winter season. Education: Knowledge can help the poor people to stand on their own feet. To give them free education can help them to grow as individuals, help them to live a better life, help them to get a job, and to build a career. But it can also help the poor people to develop their skills.

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