The House the Lord Blessed Bob With

Lansdale, Pennsylvania


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The House the Lord Blessed Bob With


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Bob Figueroa

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Category: Hunger & Housing

Start Date: January 14, 2017

Help be an answer to Bob's prayer! Fellow believer Bob Figueroa of Fieldsboro, New Jersey is seeking your help to prevent foreclosure. The original owner of the house allowed Bob to live there for a while, but he and most of the other heirs subsequently died. At present, Bob lives there, taking care of the property for the remaining heir. She is willing to allow Bob to remain there indefinitely, but doing so involves the payment of overdue taxes and accompanying legal fees. After paying these overdue amounts, he will prevent foreclosure and have a place to call home. That's where you come in...

Through prayer, Bob felt that he should reach out to his brothers and sisters in Christ for assistance, just as the "Acts Chapter 2 church" people helped each other. He is asking each member of the body of Christ here in New Jersey to donate just one dollar, or whatever amount you feel led by the Spirit to give.

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