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Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by our page. My husband, Josh, and I are thankful that you have taken a few minutes to get to know us & our story. We have 3 beautiful children, and we are here to raise money to get one of them to a 2 week “Brain Camp” for an intensive treatment. Our child has multiple genetic mutations (including MTHFR, COMT, MAO-A, & MTRR to name a few), gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, aluminium toxicity, mold illness, and multiple food sensitivities. This has caused the neurotransmitters to be out of balance, and toxins are constantly building in the body & creating unwanted symptoms that are uncontrollable and hard for any child to deal with. If you are a parent, you've felt your heart drop when your child doesn't feel well. If you're like us, you would do anything to take away that suffering!
After years of research and attempts with all types of medicine and alternatives, we have been led to this amazing Institute in Idaho. Testing will cover disturbances in vitamin and mineral assimilation and deficiency, body toxicity, immune depletion, protein levels, and enzymes that are critical for proper digestion and assimilation.
While at Brain Camp, the blood brain barrier will be assessed, and toxic heavy metals will be removed under supervised medical staff. The program is individualized and designed to address the areas of the brain that are not functioning to normal standards. Techniques used will allow the brain, neuropathways, nervous system, endocrine system, and body to release toxicity, which will lead to a more relaxed and normal life. A child shouldn't have to deal with overwhelming anxiety that causes stress on the organs in the body.  It is important to note that there is no pill, antibiotic, or instant cure for DNA mutations. This combo of mutations makes our child immuno compromised. Many people carry these genetic mutations without knowing it until they wake up one day with a thyroid or heart condition, digestive dysfunction, or even cancer.  We are blessed to have found a Dr. who knew what kind of testing was needed to show these mutations.

The money and time that we have already spent on these issues has drained our bank account, and that is why we are reaching out for help. This is a time sensitive procedure that would help correct issues before further system damage happens. Addressing this now, at a young age, will allow for quicker & more complete healing. We have been notified that our child qualifies for this program. Now we need to raise the funding to get there! Countless others have reported significant gains. Many walk out of treatment as a new person, living in wellness without the need of multiple medications, interventions, etc.
Breakdown of Costs:
Nutritional Analysis: $250
Brain Camp: $9200
Transportation: $2000
Room & Board: $1000
Meal Plan: $750
Transfer Fees: $400
Total: $13,600
This is a time sensitive matter, as the program is only offered twice each year. Our goal is to make it to the session next month, July 2017. Anything you can do will help. Your prayers and donations are greatly appreciated! We know that this opportunity will bring healing and peace to our child and family. Without our community of supporters it just isn’t possible. Thank you for your support!

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