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A wheelchair ramp for Lou Thomas

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Category: Community

Start Date: April 2, 2017

I have a dear friend who had polio as a child. As this friend has aged (she is currently 68), her leg and hip most affected by her childhood polio have continued to weaken this leg and cause her increasing pain.  This friend does not complain and goes on about her life the best way possible. This increasing pain in my friend's leg and hip causes her to struggle when getting up and down from furniture, getting in and our of her vehicle, and going up and down steps/stairs.  She lives in a mobile home where the door is 32 inches off the ground and she has four step steps from an older rickety staircase.  Besides her need to run errands in town, my friend cares for an older/senior horse she cares for which causes her to have to go outside a minimum of twice a day. I have personally noticed the increasing difficulty my friend has when having to negotiate steps.  I asked my friend if replacing her older rickety stairs with a ramp would be helpful to her. She said she thought that would be a great help.

Being a senior citizen with a painful disability, my friend lives off her social security and her leather work (she repairs saddles, and makes leather chaps and other leather items), which is becoming harder to do as she ages and her hands become less limber. Her very limited finances make it impossible for her to pay for a ramp. I went to my Sunday School class whose members are known to help people in the community who have needs to see if our class could take on the responsibility of providing the labor for the building of the ramp. My class stated they thought this was a great idea! A week later I was told by the person who took on the responsibility of gathering information on the cost of the materials for this ramp - that the cost of the lumber and such was much more than we had assumed. To build the ramp to code and also have it wheelchair assessable in case my friend someday needs to use a wheelchair for any length of time, the lowest bid he received for the building materials is $1,700.   

We will be having some bake sales to help raise money for this project, but I am opening up this request for funds to give the opportunity to others to play a part in helping this dear friend. When many people come together to carry a load, it makes that load much easier to carry.  Any financial help at all will be greatly appreciated! Once the finances are received and the ramp is started, I will update the photo above (currently showing the type of ramp we hope to build) with updated photos. 

Please feel free to email me or for those who know me to call, text, or talk to me in person about this project.
Thanks again, Terry Warren

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