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David Pellow

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Category: Arts & Entertainment

Start Date: June 5, 2021

My name David Pellow

From Gwinn MI

Why i am seeking help
i am on disablity and i have been on for at least for eight year's
my health history is Nwas four open heart surgery when i was born i died three times from what i waS
told going back and forth from home to hospital was also blue head to toe ! 
and suffer from depression and bipolar disorder and i am on eight meds i take everyday.

Back in 2002 i had to have back surgery due to have my scoleosis currected with two
titanium rods on my spine, it took me two 1/2 months to recover from it .
I live with family in my spare time i like to go to church and sing and draw and paint play sport's
i also like to fix and do up keep on computers cause its  a hobby of mine and i like to fish
and im into comic books.

I'm 39 years old !
i want to raise $5000 dollars or more 
for bills for one i have a huge hospital bill to pay in full
i got the bill yesterday and i am so stressed out and worried about that !!
it would take me year's to pay thats one reason to have and hopfuly generate supporters 
and donations . 

Another reason i am doing this fundraiser 
i have a passionate about starting technology center but i need help funding IT for several  years
tried to get help from charities N organizations and i even wrote letter's to tech companies and none
of them wrote me back !! the kind of technology i need is desktop computers tablets ipads laptops 
chrome books.

Please i am bagging all who see this to find it on your minds n hearts to donate to my cause 
without you i can not do this on my own ????
I am more determand n drivin to see this succed....
this has been put on hold for long enough time to see this through, i am truly on my own !

Why am i doing this cause i had to sell my tech that i had when i moved in with family i had no choice.
I'm going to replace what i once lost, plus i want to help out those who does not have access to a computer
or internet.

The funds or donations all go towards to all that my story above, i've been told i have a big and good heart !
It's been along time coming and alot of heart to come up with this dream of mine.  I grasping to hope that my community
and the social media will help me in my time and others in need ??

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