American Chesterton Society 2017

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American Chesterton Society 2017


9% funded

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The American Chesterton Society

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Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown is the social media, fund raising, pod-casting, and Frances Chesterton expert at the American Chesterton Society.

Category: Education & Research

The American Chesterton Society needs your help.

We fell short of our fund raising goals for 2017. We operate on a shoe-string, and we are again resorting to begging.
What do we need money for?
*To pay for printing Gilbert magazine over what normal membership fees cover. There is also a “Blessed Are the Poor” fund to pay for memberships/subscriptions to, well, the poor (which includes prisoners, students, seminarians, and others).
*To provide funds to continue work on the Chesterton Digital Library collection, which includes scholarship, research, data storage, technical support.
*To pay two part-time staffers who work in our office.
It's very hard for us to ask for your help. But we believe that together, we can raise this quickly and then get back to the work of helping people find Chesterton, read Chesterton and love Chesterton. And when people read Chesterton, good things happen. We all know that's true.
We will be so thankful to you if you can give just a little right now, and it would help us to continue to do the work we do here, the work of making Chesterton more known in today's society--a need that is desperate. Common Sense is needed, and Chesterton provides it in abundance!

Please help us spread the good news of Chesterton to as large and as wide (pun intended) an audience as possible. We are a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your help.

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