Cities on the Sand: Episode 1

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Cities on the Sand: Episode 1


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Team Evango

Evango is a Catholic organization intent on providing the highest quality content to inspire the baptized.

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: June 18, 2019

You have NEVER seen a commentary on the Bible like this before.

Imagine a study of Genesis that can not only grab the attention of your friends and family, but a study that can actually impress them with its cinematography and relevance

The Concept
Cities on the Sand raises the BIG questions facing the world and the family today and reveals how the answers to those questions have always been here, present, and powerful in God's Word.

Filmed with the highest standards in video production, Evango is revolutionizing how we see and partake in the holy Scriptures.

Beautiful cinematography and a compelling message makes Cities on the Sand a work of art that every Catholic must see.
Season 1 will include 12 episodes, each running approximately 23 minutes in length. 

Where Will We Be Able to View the Episode Once Complete?

As new content providers for FORMED and Shalom World Media, Evango will once again offer the episode to these fantastic Catholic media platforms. 

Of course, our team will also open dialogue with other Catholic media platforms to gauge their level of interest. 

The Host

Relying on the wisdom of the saints, a theology faithful to the Magisterium, as well as his background in literature, the host, Patrick Sullivan, will take you on a powerful tour of thought that will leave you hungry for more.

Patrick's talks have been aired on EWTN and Shalom World Television. He is an author, a speaker, and a father of eight beautiful children.

Episode 1

In the first episode of the series, Patrick looks at the question "Who is Man?" by exploring the theological anthropology raised by Genesis chapter 1. 

He examines the breath of God, the imago Dei, as well as the naming of creation, all with the aim of uncovering God's answer to this fundamental question.

Why We Need Your Help

Even though we have been able to condense our production costs greatly, we still need help raising enough money to bring this episode to the world.

We need help raising funds for travel and accommodation, site permits, wardrobe, editing, and video costs. The minimum necessary to do all of this is $7500, a small price to pay to have a beautiful Catholic resource on the Bible that can captivate the people of our time.

The Proposed Schedule

July - August: Fundraise 7500 dollars
August - October: Video shoot
October - November:  Editing Begins
December - Edits complete
January - Release of Episode 1

If We Raise More...

If God blesses us with your generosity and we are able to raise an additional five thousand dollars on top of our fundraising goal, then we will be able to hire an additional editor to bump up our timelines by several weeks.

Essentially, if we raise an additional $5000 then we can release Cities on the Sand: Episode 1 in December.

Do You Want to Do More?

Evango has several video projects scheduled for 2019 / 2020. If you want to be a part of those video projects in a big way then head on over to our Evango Patreon Page and support us monthly.

Our Patrons have the opportunity to receive deleted scenes, watch exclusive interviews with the Evango Production Team, and so much more!

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