Support Ellinor, a nurse who was denied employment because of pro-life views

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Support Ellinor, a nurse who was denied employment because of pro-life views


11% funded

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Carl Johan Grimmark

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Carl Johan Grimmark

I'm a Swedish musician, husband and father of two.


Join us in a campaign to fight for pro-life values and freedom of conscience.

Chances are, when you think of Sweden, you probably think of a very open minded place. However, it turns out that Swedish open-mindedness doesn’t apply to individuals with pro-life views...

My wife, Ellinor Grimmark, is a Swedish midwife (nurse) who was denied the opportunity to work because she refused to perform abortions. Ellinor sued for discrimination and lost her court case against her employer. Worse still, the judges ruled that we must pay all legal fees for this public court case. This means we are now required to pay over $100,000 because we stood up for freedom of conscience. We need your help to continue this fight...

These are examples of the workplace discrimination that Ellinor faced:

-In November 2013, Höglandssjukhuset women’s clinic in Sweden terminated Ellinor’s employment. The head of the maternity ward said that Ellinor “was no longer welcome to work with them” and questioned “whether a person with [pro-life] views actually can become a midwife.”

-A few months later, Ellinor tried to obtain employment with Ryhovs women’s clinic, which told her that a “person who refuses to perform abortions does not belong at a women’s clinic”.

-In January, Värnamo Hospital’s women’s clinic offered Ellinor a job but then withdrew employment. The head of the hospital told Ellinor that no employee was allowed to publicly take a stand against abortion.

-Ellinor has faced official defamation several times by Swedish politicians. Mrs Mona Sahlin, the National Coordinator against Violent Extremism in Sweden, stated during a panel discussion on religion and democracy that Christian midwives who refuse to participate in abortion could be compared with ISIS, because both were ”extreme religious practitioners.”

We’re seeking urgent financial support to help us cover costs that would otherwise send our family to bankruptcy. Even though the case was heard in a public court, Ellinor and I were still required to pay the court costs of $100,000 USD.  This is a crippling amount for our family.

Your contribution, at any level, will help us appeal this case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights and show them that our pro-life views must be respected. Would you please consider donating to our family in any amount?

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