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looking for funding


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Elly Andrews

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Elly Andrews

Need funding for food and bills and both fuels.

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: January 17, 2019

We are homeless and living in a tent in a wind breaker so we don't get too much wind. We need funding to get out of this situation. We will be homeless 2 years as of January 19,2019. We have to pay some major bills as well as another attorney that we got along with the one we hired to take care of legal problems we have. We real need the money to also pay the phone bill an also a motel stay when my fiancée's social security wasn't in his account. We also need heating and cooking fuel to survive this weather and so we can also eat. The city and county we are in took our only transportation and it was also our home. So we also need funding to get a vehicle and a camper so we won't have to be in a tent. It is not very warm at night here and we go threw a lot of one pound cylinders of propane. We try to help people as well and all we get is kicked in the teeth. I have a few other places I went to for funding and no luck yet. I hope you will help us. Here is a pictures. Two pictures one of the tent and the other is it in the ground and the wall that isn't a true wall and a picture of me in the tent.WIN_20190116_17_25_25_Pro.jpgWIN_20190116_17_24_52_Pro.jpgWIN_20180605_20_36_20_Pro.jpg

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