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The Third Grade Class of Traci Healy-Robinson

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Traci Healy-Robinson

I am a retired police detective and full time teacher in the Miami-Dade public schools, teaching third grade at the Joella C. Good Elementary School.

Category: Education & Research

Start Date: March 16, 2017

Hi! You know the story about the cop who retires and moves to Florida? I guess I didn't either because instead of the country club, I've found myself in a third grade class room with my name on the door. I turned in my badge for the hopes and dreams of 18 extraordinary kids at the Joella C. Good Elementary School in Miami. And guess what? These kids have changed my life. THANK YOU for helping me change their lives too! Here's my "Just the facts, ma'am" moment, Miami-Dade public schools have so few resources. But we teachers get creative. We scramble, we share, we put our own money into our classrooms--and we ask for the love and support of our family and friends. You make it happen! On Tuesday, March 21st, our school has its first Walkathon. And the class that raises the most gets a new computer. Not that I'm competitive. lol Actually, we all win at every level of love. And you don't need to walk. Like that old ad, let your fingers do the walking. A few taps on the screen or keyboard and you'll bring smiles to the faces of some remarkable third graders.

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