Troys Fall Semester Bill

New Brunswick, New Jersey


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Troys Fall Semester Bill


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Troy Bello

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Category: School

Start Date: December 11, 2019

Hi, I'm a junior here at Rutgers University in my 3rd year learning at the School of Engineering. I'm fundraising because as i've gotten older and become an upperclassman, the government has started to give me less financial aid in the form of grant and scholarships and tried to give me more money in high interest rate loans. When I wrote an appeal letter they sent me a new offer, one without loans but still nowhere near enough to finish the debt on my balance. I really need to pay my outstanding balance for this semester. It is already considered 'late' by the university to pay off the Fall2019 balance and until it is paid off, my student account has been put on a hold, preventing me from registering for any classes I need in the upcoming Spring semester. I am already an EOF student, meaning I'm a 1st generation college student from a low income background. I also have 2 child siblings that consume most of my single mother's energy, time, and money so I know my family won't be able to come up with this money in time. I work as a peer mentor and counselor for high school students through a Rutgers program in my free time, however it is unpaid so I currently have no real source of income for the time being. Help me out if you can so I can hopefully sign up for next semesters' classes as soon as possible and so I may not have to borrow more money in loans from elsewhere. Your kindness is much appreciated!

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