David Daleiden Needs Your Help Today

Napa, California


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David Daleiden Needs Your Help Today


29% funded

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Category: Pro-life

Start Date: March 29, 2017


You all know who David Daleiden is.  

He’s a pro-life warrior!

David took huge risks to expose Planned Parenthood for its medical cannibalism, placing his own freedom in the balance for the sake of the most vulnerable.  

He now needs our help!

David’s nonprofit legal representation, LLDF, with the help of WonderWe, is raising the first round of necessary funds for David’s defense in the state of California, where he is charged with 15 felony counts, 14 counts of unlawfully recording people without their permission, and one count of conspiracy to invade privacy.

The opposition is relentless.  They are well funded.  And, bringing down hero-men like David is what they must do in order to maintain their control over the murderous status-quo.

So, please help.  Contribute $5 or $10 dollars if you can.  If you have access to a little more, it sure helps.  And, what’s more important is that you share this ask with your friends and family. Consider setting up a Peer-to-Peer campaign to raise part of this goal.  See below for instruction.  

More About David

David’s work to expose Planned Parenthood's hidden business of selling baby body parts shocked the nation. It shined the light of truth on the unholy business of murder that has been going on unchallenged by the same force of people and law that is not prosecuting Planned Parenthood for its heinous acts.  

Your support not only helps fund David's defense, it will send a message that will ring out to the country that we support David.  We stand behind him!  

Learn more about Peer-to-Peer: https://www.wonderwe.com/features/peer-to-peer/

WonderWe is standing behind David 150% and invites everyone to support this Pro-life soldier!

The LLDF Team & The WonderWe Team

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