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Davis Creations


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Traci, Mira and Novalee Davis

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Category: Arts & Entertainment

Start Date: November 20, 2018

I'm trying to build a business around selling crafts to provide for my family. I need to raise the money to get supplies, promote and advertise my business, as well as be able to rent a place big enough to have a kid-proof craft room to work. Right now, my girls and I are in a bad situation, and I highly doubt it will get any better. I am a self-published fiction author with 2 books published and a third being re-written (part of a series) I need to get a cover properly formatted to get it available for print and hopefully get some copies to start advertising my books better. So far I have sold one e-book, and $40 dollars worth of crafts. Mainly stuffed animals. My husband is an addict who refuses to do anything to get better, and he is extremely controlling. I can't leave with my girls because I am almost $4000 in debt with my last complex (long story) that my husband wouldn't let me pay off and now I can't rent anywhere until I can. This funding will hopefully get me going on my crafts and with any luck this business will quickly pay for the bills. I don't know what else to do then to ask for help. I'm begging. Please. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for considering to donate. Thank you for being wonderfully you. Light and Love.

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