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Connecting the Catholic Church


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Diocesan Living

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Category: Technology

Start Date: May 12, 2018

Do you want to engage more with the Catholic Church?  Do you want to connect to the many events in your diocese?  Does each parish that is not your home parish host events about which you wish you knew?  Diocesan Living will bring diocese-wide events into one simple map so that you can easily search for events that happen in your area.  Think Google Maps mixed with all the bulletins in your diocese.


Hi, my name is Daniel Gehrig and I want to help connect Catholics to diocese-wide events.  About 3 months ago, I attended mass at a parish at which I normally do not worship.  After mass, I took a bulletin and saw an event that interested me.  I thought - how many other events are just like this that I don’t know about?  During my 30 years in the Church, I’ve consistently heard about events that I wish I knew about earlier.  So, I decided to create an app that I hope will answer solve that problem.


Diocesan Living aims to accomplish one goal - pull every event from the all the parishes’ bulletins within a given diocese, categorize the events in various ways, and place them on a map.  So, if I want to find a volunteer opportunity next Saturday for my 2 teenagers, I can check the app.  If I want to find a weekly recurring social event for my 75-year-old parents, I can check the app.  If I want to find a fundraiser for a Catholic cause, I can check the app.  If I check the app, I can find any diocesan level event hosted by any parish.


I’ve currently built a beta app (, but it needs 1) weekly updating and 2) better code.  As you can see, the basic functionality is already built (background map, popup functionality, hosted on a server, etc.), and I’ve completed uploading the data from all the churches in Houston.  In hopes of finishing the app, I’ve already contacted a consultant to pull the bulletins’ information on a weekly basis, and I’ve already contacted a developer to complete the code.   The money I raise will all go directly to finishing the code and ~8 months' worth of bulletin updates.  


I have a bigger vision for the app, too.  I ultimately want to build a company and pull data for every diocese in the US (and eventually the world).  I want to add much more functionality like mission trips and Catholic organizations.   I hope that you appreciate my vision and help me reach my fundraising goal.  Together we can build a stronger Catholic community!  

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