Dismas House Emergency Fund to Remove Bed Bugs

Nashville, Tennessee


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Dismas House Emergency Fund to Remove Bed Bugs


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Category: Community

Start Date: May 24, 2016


The Dismas House in South Bend has an emergency need. Our house is 117 years old and we have a horrible bed bugs infestation. We have treated different rooms numerous times and now need to have a whole house treated where exterminators use major heat eliminate the bed bugs. However,  the cost is $10,000 plus we would need to put the residents up in a hotel for a  night. Our residents have  awful bites all over their bodies. It's inhumane and we can't ask that are residents keep living in these conditions. We appreciate your support. Please make a donation and share the campaign with family and friends today.

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Dismas House is to bring about mutual reconciliation between former offenders and society through the development of a supportive community characterized by:

Students and former offenders living together in a family setting.

Active involvement of volunteers from the larger community.

A spirit of open and participative decision-making with an emphasis on the common good.



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