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Liber Christo Distance Learning Platform


40% funded

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Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: August 30, 2019

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Liber Christo Foundation is seeking to incorporate online learning into its mode of delivery.  

Specifically, online learning would be used in the following manner:

1.    Every Sunday afternoon 3-hour  live presentations will be offered to subscribers covering:

    -  Ongoing Team Formation 

    -  Professional Forums

    -  Protocol & Team Management

    -  Freedom Through Christ Training

2.  Freedom Through Christ, which is phase 2 of the 4-Phase Protocol, would use this platform as an option for content delivery.  Online video teaching, interactive discussions, and virtual conferences are a few of the features that would be incorporated.  This mode of delivery would facilitate one on one administration of phase 2 by the exorcist team.

3.    Access to prerecorded presentations and collaborative discussions will be made available with this platform.  Modules at your finger tips that would include:  Audio lectures, prayers, document, reference materials for situations specific to cases for example: Freemasonry, SRA, DID, curses, family disturbances, etc. 

     In an effort to provide ongoing training and support, exorcist teams, parish priests, mental health and medical professionals and laity support team members will be given the opportunity for virtual participation in monthly training and question and answer sessions. Ready access to pertinent documents and protocols will also be made available to participants.

4.    The potential for initial online team training will be explored.  Features including streaming video, interactive discussions, and virtual conferences would be incorporated.  Future development could include Spanish content and presentation.

Be assured that 100% of your  donation, no matter the amount, will assist in bringing this education to many!  



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