Please Help Us to Build Rape Free India!

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Please Help Us to Build Rape Free India!


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Lalitha Sampathi

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Lalitha Sampathi

We are effectively stopping rapes and murders of women and young girls by reforming Indian society. And we are building rape free India. We hope you will help.

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Start Date: July 6, 2018

Help Empowering women to Stop Rapes in India:


Why Is This Project So Important in India?

There 3,38,594 crime against women and 38,947rapes, and  2,167 gang rapes every year in India. That means  occurs every day 39 rapes. This rape cases were reported across Indian 29 states and seven UTs in one year period, ,

We have started this project to stop rapes and murders of women and young girls in India. We need all our friends’ support to make our project work.

Who are we?


My Name is Lalitha Sampathi and I Am General Secretary at the Indian Women's Organization (IWO). It is a non-profit women's organization. I and my team members are working to stop violence against women, specifically the rape and murders of women and young girls in India. We travel in 10 Indian districts, raising awareness for social change. I am motivating women from rural areas, town and cities across India in order to get more women involved in IWO committees. My IWO work brings a positive contribution to Indian communities, making a difference in many women's lives.

Global Sisters Zerina Maria Svedenman(Denmark), Tenja Pierefellner(Australia) and IWO General Secretary Lalitha Sampathi, IWO Leaders are speaking in press conference about "Stop Rape crime and build rape free India" at Hyderabad, Ts, India, ,  .

IWO General Secretary Lalitha speaking in public awareness discussion meeting about " To Stop Rape Crime in India" at Hyderabad,ts, India.


Indian women are currently suffering from different forms of violence and subjugation. Pregnant Indian women are killing female babies after giving birth due to the fear of having to pay a large dowry when the girl grows up and marries. Indian criminals continue to brutally rape and kill women and young girls. 

Today, 465 million Indian women live in fear. Our IWO (Indian Women's Organization) activists found a remarkably effective way to stop the rape and murders of women and young girls and build a society that respects women. The lives of Indian women are being changed by our organization's activities.

We are effectively stopping rapes and murders of women and young girls by reforming Indian society. And we are building rape free India.

We hope you will help.

IWO Activities:


How do we stop rapes in India?

A major part of the problem is that Indian women and young girls are not aware of the Indian Constitution’s fundamental rights, laws and acts protecting women. IWO activists first build an IWO local committee. They teach women and young girls about the Indian constitution’s fundamental rights and how to take legal action. So far many rapists and murderers have been arrested by police thanks to IWO activities.

IWO chief leaders have monthly meetings with all IWO committee members and volunteers. In these meetings women discuss how to solve different problems. Leaflets are always printed in local languages.

When women or young girls are raped by criminals, IWO activists organize a social awareness rally with masses of women in the streets and demand police action and criminals detention.

 Public outcry and awareness rallies have made a huge difference by exposing people to the issue who may not be aware and an awakened cultural climate eventually arises in which crimes against women are stopped before they can happen, And the rape crime are stopping by IWO activities. .


About the IWO and our Empowering Women's Project:

 Indian Women's Organization (IWO) was founded in May 2006 and currently has ten thousand members. Our project is to provide updated literacy, health and safety programs. We are trying to end violence against women and stop the rapes and murders of women and young girls in 10 Indian districts: Hyderabad , Rangareddy, Medchal, Yadadri, Suryapet, Nalgonda, Jangaon, Warangal rural, Warangal urban and Sangareddy .

 We are spreading this social awareness project to end violence against women in India. We visit villages and towns, building new relationships and expanding our network with Indian Women's Organization committees.

 60 new members are joining in Indian Women's Organization as committee members after attending our awareness meetings across India to end violence against women.

  We conduct awareness seminars and organize public discussion meetings with pamphlets and resources distributed about ending violence against women.

  We organize awareness rallies with activists, students and intellectual people as well as journalists. 

 Thank for joining us, contributing to women’s rights in 10 Indian districts.

9.jpg Rural women are joining in IWO to stop rapes and murders of women and young girls.


IWO Activists monthly meeting about stop the rape crime.


1. Women's health and education program:

IWO teachers operate at evening schools. They provide education to illiterate women and girls in their local language and in English. Our teachers introduce national and international perspectives and solutions in order to stop violence against women, comparing societies around the world.


IWO Leaders are teaching to the education and women protection laws.

Our teachers educate about safety and dowry-motivated abortion. Our teachers educate women about their rights and how to take legal action. IWO teachers are considered role models who inspire vulnerable women to take care of their well being, respecting and honoring themselves. Our teachers work full time on our Women's Health and Education program.

 We are giving monthly salary to IWO teachers and organizers and IWO full time workers. By donating to IWO you will contribute to women's health and safety in India, making a difference in their daily lives.


IWO Health camp

2.  IWO pamphlets:

IWO activists have printed many pamphlets, in local languages, that will be distributed to people about stopping rapes and murders and ending domestic violence against women. They include information teaching women about the laws that protect them. This information is needed for making progress in obtaining respect for the lives of women and spreading the message of this program. We print these pamphlets in the language local to our work. Help us make pamphlets.


Global sisters Zerina Maria Svedenman(Denmark), Tenja Pierefellner(Australia) and IWO General Secretary Lalitha Sampathi, IWO Telangana State President Laxmi and IWO Leader are releasing IWO Pamphlets in press conference about " Stop Rape crime and build rape free India" at Hyderabad, Ts, India.

3. IWO identification cards:

All IWO members have identification cards with personal details in local languages. Help us to make identification cards for all IWO activists.


4. Women’s activists uniforms:

IWO chief leaders give uniforms to IWO organizers and full time workers, which are green color jackets and green color saris or dresses. Help us purchase  new saris and jacket pieces.

5. White flags:

Indian women want peace, humanity and a safe life. The IWO organization has a white flag as a symbol. On this white flag there is a unity of women symbol. White means peace, the unity of women helping and supporting each other throughout the world. These flags are used at IWO meetings and at IWO awareness rallies, and is a powerful symbol for brave women. Help us print new white flags.

This is our video camera, we are making IWO Project all awareness programs and rallies videos with the camera for improve our all work and all social media but that has damaged so we can repair or purchase new camera, Please help for a video camera.

Rural women IWO activists and team members to stop rape crime

Our Non-Profit Women's Organization Documents:



Please visit for our more work at  . andour Facebookpage at , , , , , , , , more about our work.

Please help us now- we really need your support! Donations in any amount will be truly appreciated! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with us by email. Please find our contact details below. Thank you! 


Yours Sincerely:
Lalitha Sampathi,
Secretary At Indian Women's Organization(IWO),
Office:4-41-143 Papireddy Nagar,Kukatpally, Hyderabad, India.
my skype number: 5b9babae4382b557

Help us by spreading the word! Let's connect on your and You can join us, supporting our causes and sharing our campaign. Thanks for your kindness and support! 

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