Gastroichisis baby

Owatonna, Minnesota


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Gastroichisis baby


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Brionna Gumphrey

Mommy of soon to be 3

Category: Faith & Family

Start Date: May 17, 2020

Hello everyone my name is brionna im 26 years old and im havibf my 3rd son and he will be taken from me at 36 wks and rushed right to surgery. He has a birth defect called Gastroichisis his intestines are growinf on the outside of his body so he will ne a surgery ans have to be in nicu for a month. Medical expenses are covered but im goin to very much struggle with gas food and other needs as the next 5 months go by i no 2000 wont cover anything but it will atleast help finance me and my son needs travles ect. Ill be deliving 2 hours away at the safest hospital and i go every 3 weeks gor check ups i only make 700 a month in disiibilty. And after billls gouse beeds and everything i only have a like 150 left . i reallu need the help and pray someone finds the kindness in there heaet to bless me and help wirh somthing at least!

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