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Sr. Mitchell's peer-to-peer campaign:

Mo'Money for the Mission! is a fundraiser for Team Our Lady of the Angels 2017

Chicago, Illinois


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Mo'Money for the Mission!


100% funded


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Category: Community

Start Date: October 27, 2016



My community is getting ready for the Marathon season - - and this year I have been training to run the 5k! Now, some of you who know me all too well know might be scratching their heads, saying say what?! Sr. Jaime HATES to run...and you've probably even heard the words, "I do not run", from her own mouth. Yes, it's true...I have thought those thoughts and said those words. Now, I am putting my (your) money where my mouth is.

The Marathon team is headed up by our very own elite runner, Sr. Stephanie!  It's our biggest fundraiser that generates over $100,000 to help keep the Mission here running.  She works tirelessly for the love of Christ and the poor we serve in our neighborhood.  We strive to bring Christ to all we meet and build relationships with our neighbors in need.  

This is where I need your help! 
Ways to help:
1.  Prayers!
2.  Donate!  Help us to go above and beyond our goal of $100,000!
3.  Offer things up!
4.  Send me your prayer intentions!
5.  Fast!
6.  Run with me (either vicariously or in person)!  
7.  You, too, can be part of the Marathon team since it is not too late to join the Fort2Base Nautical 10 Miles or 3 Miles -
8.  Have running tips?  Share the knowledge!
9.  Challenge me.  
10.  Pray that I finish well and for the glory of God and for the people we serve! 

Every $ donated to Team Our Lady of the Angels directly supports 
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. 
The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels exists to:

  • To assist the materially poor
  • To share the treasure of our Catholic Faith.

The Mission is completely supported by the private donations (no funding from the Archdiocese or public sources).  We rely on Divine Providence through the generosity of friends and donors like you!  

Learn more about Mission of Our Lady of the Angels HERE.
Learn more about Team Our Lady of the Angels HERE

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